What’s the Difference Between a Stormwater Detention Tank and a Rainwater Tank?


Rainwater Detention Tank

Stormwater Detention Tanks vs Rainwater Detention Tank?

Your local authority might ask you to comply with several criteria if you are constructing a new home. For example, a requirement may be installing a stormwater detention tank and good stormwater planning, depending on your location.

The importance of stormwater detention in real estate development is the subject of this, the second essay in a series. The contrasts between stormwater tanks and more conventional water retention tanks are examined in this article.

Rainwater Detention Tanks

Rainwater collected from your property’s rooftops and hard surfaces is kept in water tanks (stormwater). The fact that the water is held for use in one way or another as opposed to being allowed to drain distinguishes them as “retention” tanks.

No matter if you reside in a rural or urban region, it makes sense to purchase a water tank. There are many excellent justifications for installing a water tank:

  • You might reside in part with stringent water restrictions.
  • There may be no town water service, or you may live in a Council area where you must install a tank.
  • To irrigate your yard, you might want to collect rainwater.
  • You want to fill up your pool without using the mains water system.
  • You’re tired of using a bucket to wash your automobile.
  • You shouldn’t consume water that has chemicals added to it.
  • You want to pay less for the water you use around your house.

Stormwater Detention Tanks

Newly built homes frequently have onsite detention facilities as part of their home drainage system. Typically, these facilities have detention tanks. Detention denotes a temporary “detention” of the water, except for times of heavy rain and a few periods after stormwater retention tanks are meant to be empty.

A stormwater detention tank differs from other rainwater tanks because it has a valve specifically designed to discharge water gradually over time. When choosing a solution for a detention tank of stormwater, you essentially have two choices:

  • Use two water tanks—one for rainwater collection and the other for stormwater detention—
  • or a system designed specifically for dual-purpose water storage.

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