Why we need to rethink Water Storage Solutions in Australia


With over 2 decades of experience developing Water Storage Solutions Concrete Water Tanks for Farms, Government and Industrial bodies, Bega Tanks is a PIONEER in this field.

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Drought is something we have gotten used to in Australia. Every State has been hit in a way that has impacted livestock as well as those who depend on it for a living. People.

The news from the Bureau of Meteorology is not good

According to their Climatologists, April rainfall was below to very much below average for much of mainland South Eastern Australia, including Victoria, most of the Southeastern quarter of South Australia, the eastern half of New South Wales and borders of the West and South areas of the state.

The news for Eastern Tasmania, the Northern Territories and most of Victoria is not good either. Rainfall deficiencies will continue for the next 13 months for each of these States according the Bureau’s Climate Outlook Report.

Can Concrete Water Tanks deliver what the Rain Gods have failed to?

Possibly. Concrete Water Tanks have been part of numerous Water Storage Solutions, we at Bega Tanks, have designed, built and installed for a number of major Industrial and Government clients in New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territories, Melbourne, Queensland and South Australia.

Concrete water tank for drought

What’s different about our Water Storage Solutions is the way we design them

In concert with our clients. It is not good enough to develop a ‘stock-standard’ Water Storage Solution when thousands of cattle and millions of grains of wheat depend on it for survival.

For a Water Storage Solution to work, it must be designed to fit the environment in which it will be used. A Concrete Commercial Tank we build in New South Wales would be very different to a Concrete Tank we might build for a Farm, Government or Industrial body in Darwin, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia or the Northern Territories.

Besides scale and size, we also guarantee our Tanks for 25 years

You’re confident about your work when you guarantee it.

At Bega Tanks (we are located in the Bega Farming District of New South Wales), we guarantee all the tanks we design and build for a minim period of 25 years.

If you’ve been deputed to lead the construction of a major Water Storage Facility for your company, this should be good news for you. As it safeguards and protects you from any personal risk you might face while awarding the project.

At Bega, we love talking to clients – both present and future

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