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Bega Concrete Tanks are both durable and affordable. We make and sell Residential and Commercial Concrete Tanks in Braidwood, ranging from 10,000 litres to 2,500,000 litres. So, no matter which sizes of concrete tank you require for your property, we got your back.

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What Can one expect from Bega Tanks?

It is the most common but pertinent question that we often get from our prospects. Customers can expect credibility and trust from us as we construct our tanks keeping in mind the rules and procedures laid out by the concerned authorities. With that said, you can rest assured that the commercial and residential Concrete Tanks that we supply are fully compliant with the Australian Standards AS 3600 and AS 3735.

The Australian Standard AS 3600 caters to the laws on structural aspects, including framework and stability, whereas AS 3735 is about retaining and storing liquids. Having said that, our Quality Concrete Tanks are robust, durable and built with the utmost care and consideration. Note that compliance is one thing, and quality is another. And we ensure that our tanks are backed by and adhere to both these parameters.

As a Concrete Water Tank Supplier in Braidwood, we also provide our customers with additional services, including strong steel formwork systems and load-bearing concrete roofs. If you are looking for residential concrete tanks, there is further good news as you can opt for either standard or custom designs.

The Concrete Tanks That We Offer

When it comes to Concrete Tanks, whether residential or commercial tanks, Bega takes a different approach through rainwater. Before beginning the construction, our team will visit your premises and assess what size is best suited for your needs. Tank size merits the consideration of several factors.

First, we look at the intended use of water. Once we know that, we further assess between a standalone supply and a supplement to the reticulated supply. Another consideration that is of significance is the amount of rainfall in the area. Supplementing this aspect is the available roof collection area, creek or bore supply. In the case of Residential Concrete Tanks, we also look at water usage. Research suggests that, on average, a family consumes up to 1000 litres per day. Taking all these factors into account, we can then make a recommendation for you as to the size and type of concrete water tank that you should opt for.

Underground Tanks, Above-ground Tanks & Tanks with Load-bearing Roofs – Take Your Pick

The Rainwater Tanks construction is a single and speedy operation. When doing so, Bega eliminates any seams, joints and weak points. The design, however, is open-ended and can be changed to suit client requirements. You can go for either above-ground, partially submerged or a completely submerged in-ground rainwater tank. As an add-on, you can avail an optional load-bearing roof. This roof can feature in the garage floor or a yard area. If need be, you can go for an out-of-sight rainwater tank.

But, you need not fret about the endless options. Just get in touch with us and our consultants will be more than happy to discuss your project and guide you through things.

The Top Benefits of Concrete Rainwater Tanks

Basically, why concrete? As a Concrete Water Tank Supplier in Braidwood, we understand the benefits. It is incredibly durable and a natural product that strengthens with age. It serves as a coolant for the stored water. Also, it ensures that the water is clear and free from algae, malodorous and tastes from plastics or rusting steel.

The other standout aspects of concrete are that it is less vulnerable to destruction and is resistant to fire and wind.

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