Rainwater Tanks

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Rainwater Tanks, a.k.a Bladder Tanks, are in-demand and planet-friendly water storage tanks in Australia available in several shapes and sizes. But before we delve into that, let us brief you a little about the guidelines Bega Tanks follows during the installation of any rainwater tank or even Concrete Tanks, for that matter.

Rainwater Tanks In Australia

The Australian government requires your water tanks to be fully certified by specific standards to be eligible for surviving rains. This certification is the most reliable guarantee of a long-lasting rainwater tank. It means that your tank has been through several strict tests before the manufacturer dispatched it.

From round rainwater tanks to underground water storage tanks, Bega Tanks has you covered.

Why Should You Install Rainwater Tanks In Your Commercial Or Domestic Space?

Utilising rainwater in and around your residence and business is an effective way to conserve valuable water supplies, reduce mains water usage and save the planet. Here are a some more reasons to have such tanks installed:

  • Cost-Effective: You will save cash for a long period as it reduces the use of mains water.
  • No Restrictions: Keep using water all year round and say goodbye to water shortages.
  • Water Self-Sufficiency: Break free from dependence on public water systems.
  • Environmental Concern: Reduces your reliance on dams and the strain on storm water systems.
  • Preference to Health: Rainwater doesn’t have the impurities and harmful chemicals found in tap water.

Types of Rainwater Tanks

Bega Tanks provide a vast range of rainwater tanks to suit your needs. Our tanks are designed for maximum durability and can be customised according to your preferences. We offer quick delivery and installation.

  • Round Tanks: Certified standard tanks made to the essential industry standards, including AS/NZS 4766:2006.
  • Slimline Tanks & Pumps: These are high-quality one-piece assemblies with no joins, seams or section lines down the walls.
  • Septic Tanks: Bega’s ultra-strong, low profile tanks pass the stringent test of AS/NZS 1546.1 certification with flying colours. These are the first septic tanks to meet the exact demands of the Australian Tank Standards.
  • Underground Rainwater Tanks: Our underground rainwater storage tanks are perfect for accumulating roof rainwater. They purify and store it underground, especially when there is a space and accessibility issue.
  • Retention/Detention Tanks: These tanks help control the discharge of water into the storm water system. Our above-ground storage tanks (round or slim) can be installed to meet your retention or detention needs.

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Bega Tanks provide the best quality and most affordable long term water storage solutions for above and underground water, rainwater harvesting and sewer systems. If you are worried about the funds and maintenance of your water storage system, talk to the experts at Bega Concrete Tanks. We are a water storage solutions company, which strives to help you end all your water storage concerns without affecting your budget.

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