Rainwater Harvesting – An Excellent Alternative For Water Conservation


To water our lawns and landscaping, do we need to utilise municipally treated water? Certainly not! Rainwater harvesting is an excellent alternative for irrigation and various other water uses. You can lessen our reliance on municipally treated water by using rainwater collection devices to provide some of our water demands.

Rain Harvesting Australia

What Is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is gathering rainwater during the monsoon season and storing it for use during times of water scarcity. It is a method of collecting and storing rainwater for human consumption.

Many countries worldwide are experiencing a shortage of drinkable water due to rapid climatic changes, rising global temperatures, and population growth. Hence, it is best in the process of collecting and storing rainwater to utilise it during the dry season or drought.

Rainwater Harvesting’s Water Conservation Benefits

  • Rainwater is practically free when it rains on your roof and property. It is the best way to collect water and store it in a tank or cistern for later use.
  • Rainwater harvesting may be an excellent instructional tool for people to become more aware of their own or family’s water usage. It may encourage people to save water in other areas of their homes.
  • Collecting rainwater that falls naturally can lessen the requirement for imported water in communities that rely on it for their needs.
  • Rainwater harvesting assists utilities in reducing peak demand during the summer months, allowing them to save treated water for more critical and appropriate purposes.
  • No doubt, rainwater is an excellent primary water source for various applications and scenarios—a superb backup water source in emergencies.

Rainwater Harvesting’s Environmental Benefits

  • Rainwater harvesting can help a property’s stormwater flow to get reduced. Pesticides, sediment, metals, and fertilisers can all be found in surface water if the discharge is eliminated.
  • Rainwater harvesting can be used in meeting a municipality’s stormwater management programme criteria for individual properties simply and practically.
  • It’s a great water source for plants and landscape irrigation because it’s free of fluoride and chloramines (chlorine).

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