1. Hi,
    Can you please quote for a 90kl and 130kl concrete water tank (concrete top also) at 18 Colyer Dr Hamelin Bay. I also have two existing 90kl tanks that need an assessment on state of repair and function. Thanks. Steve

  2. Hi Can you please give me a quote for 2x 150,000Lt concrete tanks 10KPA top loading and 1×150,000Lt concrete tank with 5KPA top loading to be installed at 70 Tilba road Wallaga Lake.
    Thanks John

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  6. Hello, I would like a quote for a 100,000 litre tank to be installed at my property at 84 Cedarvale Lane Jaspers Brush.

    Thank you

  7. Hi Robert and Walter, I have a property just outside Cobargo and would like a quote for installing a 60,000 litre underground tank.
    I also have the option of putting in a smaller tank underground just to catch the rainwater (off a 168 sq m roof) and then pump it up to an aboveground storage tank. Would you be able to quote on your smallest tank (10,000 L?) as well please.
    Thank you,

  8. Im after another concrete tank for the farm, thinking 140k. But also interested in the total price for either a 158k and 188k tank.

    Re roof – steel?
    Im about 30km west of Canberra, now a sealed road to my place. Tank site is about <150m from road, but track is a bit soft/wet at the moment.

  9. Hi wanting to get a budget estimate for a tank of approx 3309 M3 for Biogas application

  10. What would a 250,000L concrete tank and the ones smaller to 170,000L cost me. Construction would be at Delungra NSW 2403

  11. Hi.
    Please give $$ quote for a 25,000 litre concrete tank. It will be on a property on Creewah Rd, Creewah, NSW 2631. The tank site is reasonably flat with, in my opinion, little need for earthworks other than for base of tank.
    I listed my cellphone number but due to our property been in a cellphone blackspot I have no signal. I do have satellite email.
    Thank you

  12. Request quote for installation of 25-30,000 lt above ground concrete tank to rural location at Cobargo NSW 2550. No access restrictions.

  13. Good afternoon,

    I was after pricing on 3 x concrete tanks. This is for a tender I am doing for sports fields for a council. There will be 2 x 120k and 1 x 200k, all to be above ground. The sites are located at Belfield, Earlwood and Panania.

    If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me, thanks.


  14. Can you please provide a written quote for a 5000 gallon concrete tank delivered to 25 myrtle Gully Road, Yatte Yattah please. Also what is timeframe? We lost all our water tanks in the fires. Our concrete tank has holes blown out of the side from the fire. Thank you.

  15. Looking for concrete tank cleaning

  16. Please quote for (a) 10,000 and (b) 15,000 litre tank: location Tantawangalo, thank you!

  17. Maintenance Check. Clixpert

  18. Can you please supply a quotation for a 140000 litre water tank to be installed in Ground. I shall carry out all required civil and preparation works and have a clean site available to build the tank


  19. Hello, Could I get a quote for 15000L concrete inground rainwater tank for supply and install to 14 Hazelwood Rise Callala Beach. 2540.
    Site conditions: sand soil, tank to front yard, easy acces from street, no fencing, flat site.
    Additinal: Is there any council requirements? Do you include ground pipework and connection to existing roof gutter. Do you remove excavated soil?
    Thank you

  20. Could I get a quote for 105,000 and 130,000 litre concrete tank in Werombi NSW please

  21. Our 100,000L water tank was destroyed in the Cobargo fires. I’m looking to replace it with a 105,000L or 140,000L tank. Before I decide to replace it with a metal tank with liner I’d like to get a price on a concrete tank.

  22. Hi,

    We are currently designing an in ground valve chamber for a client in the Shoalhaven that prefers pre cast pits. The valve pit will need to be 4m x 4m and be approx 1.5 to 2m deep. I have a few questions below I was hoping to get clarification on.

    – Could a pit size this large be delivered as one unit? There is open and clear access to the site from the road.
    – What are the typical lead times for a pit this size?
    – What is a budget cost on a pit this size?
    – Can the pre past pit be used in water charged ground? We expect to have a very high water table at this location.

    Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or wish to discuss further.


  23. Price for 3 X 60,000 litre tanks please? Location: Mt Osmond, Adelaide

  24. I have a property at Central Tilba and am interested in a quote for a 25,000 litre water tank and connections to our house. Would the tank be constructed on site or precast?

  25. After a price for a concrete tank at Quaama. Approximately 30 to 40,000 litres. How soon could it be built? Thanks

  26. i would like a quote for a concrete tank over 100,000 litres for domestic use, with a Cold water outlet at bottom of the tank and also one further up the tank to retain approximately 20,000 litres for fire fighting. Also this tank needs to be delivered to Kisimul Rd, BlackRange. NSW 2550. Thanks in advance for your help.

  27. Please provide quote for 100000 litre conc tank . Thanks

  28. Hi Bega tanks, Im after an quote for a tank on a home shed build next year. I am getting my suppliers and budget in order to support my DA
    kind regards

  29. We would like a quote for a concrete tank of 150,000 litres with a tin roof and also quote on this tank with a concrete lid

  30. Hi Guys, looking for a concrete tank to convert into a residential swimming pool. Can you please quote for the 15,000 and 25,000 litre tanks delivered to Ulladulla?

  31. Are you quoting the concrete tanks for the Oxley, Walwa and Moyhu project?
    Please forward your quotation to Girdwood Contracting Pty Ltd

  32. Looking for an inground concrete tank, around 100,000L for the house we are building at Kinglake, Vic. Thanks

  33. Council will permit a holding tank on out land in Wyndham
    We are after cost of tank that would be ok for 2 people and we may also have composting toilets as to cut down the water volume to tank
    Also would you know of a business that does pump outs?

    Regards Jeff

  34. Can you please give me a quote for an underground concrete tank with a size of appr. 100.000 liters. I am situated on 55 Israels Rd Brogo

  35. looking for a quote for a concrete counter sunk into the ground.
    20 thousand litres or up to 50 thousand litres.
    Location TINPOT NSW inland from Narooma.

  36. Hi there, I’m building a house in caboolture and exploring tank water possibility.
    What would be your price for a 60KL or 105KL tank installed?
    Thank you

  37. Seeking quote on two 30,000L below-ground cement tanks for rainwater storage.

  38. Can you please give me a quote for 25,000l above ground concrete rain water tank
    Delivered to Bindera (Gloucester)

  39. Hi I am looking for a quote on a 25000L to 30000L concrete water tank to be underground

  40. Hi we are looking at different options for the install of 2No water tanks capable of holding a minimum of 42kl each with a roof height no less than 2m, could you please provide a budget price for these to be installed in Mount Isa


  41. Quote please for a 25,000 litre cement tank including cement top, thank you.

  42. Hi guys
    Can i get a price on your 60,000 and 105,000 in ground concrete tanks to canberra please

  43. Hi Bega Concrete tanks,
    Could you please send me a price for the 30, 60, 105, 140 thousand litre tanks and roof options please.
    Construction address is 271 Reedy Swamp Rd, Bega.
    Earthworks will already be done for the tanks location.
    I am planning to mostly submerged the tank and only leave the top exposed, possibly for use as a outdoor entertainment area.
    Thank you for your time.
    Kind regards,
    Dale Miller.

  44. Hi, We’ve recently bought a rural block of land near Candelo, we probably won’t build for 2 years or so but would like an idea of the cost of your 20000 litre concrete water tanks delivered, a price for both above ground and below ground would great.

  45. Hello, we are looking at a 50,000L or 110,000L tank depending on what we can fit on our rural site in Narooma. We need the extra water for bushfire sprinklers and drinking water. collection of water off our roof to supplement the existing 50000L tank.
    Thank you.

  46. How much is it for a 30k + concrete water tank please?

  47. Do you have transportable 20000 litre tanks?

  48. After quote for approx 23000 litre tank at wood hill Queensland . Require 2 x 100 mm inlets , 2 x 100 mm outlets and 1 x 32 mm outlet.
    Thanks Derek

  49. Hi.
    Am at brownlow hill near camden. Nsw 2570. Am after a quote on a 105,000 or 140,000.tank.

  50. Are you able to provide me with a price to supply two 10kl water tanks for a new Transgrid substation at the following location: https://goo.gl/maps/DH7UViib2xv29oHAA

  51. Underground concrete tank required, 105,000L size

  52. Hi,

    If you service the Lithgow area, I am interested in your price for a 140kL domestic tank.

    We have excavated an 11m circle to rock and laser levelled. The hole is 2.4m deep on the high side and 1m deep on the low side.

    We would like pedestrian loading only for the concrete lid.

    The address is 74 Morris Place Little Hartley NSW 2790.


  53. Hi Rob,
    Nice speaking with you just now. We are keen to see about getting a tank, probably 105 in size.
    Our address is 539 Wattamolla Rd, Wattamolla. Phone 44651160.
    Many thanks, Sue and Richard

  54. Hi Could you please provide a quote for a 60,000 litre tank on Kangaroo Island. Thanks

  55. Hi Sales, Chasing a quote on 1 x 10,000L Commercial Grade Concrete Sewerage Holding Tank including delivery to Wagga Wagga NSW. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, Marcelle

  56. Hi
    can you please provide a quote to supply / deliver and potentially install two (2) 15,000L concrete water tanks to strathfield, NSW
    Chris Richmond
    Manager building and civic services
    strathfield council

  57. I would like a quote on a concrete water tank 150,000 litre installed Nowra , the tank would be cut into the side of sloping grass hill

  58. Hi there,
    We would like a quote for a tank to be built at our house 5/615 Gelston Park Road, Gelston Park. It will be put on top of our hill to be used for dam water to irrigate the house garden.

  59. Quote on 60,000 and 80,000 litre. Bottom 25,000 litre to be reserved for fire fighting with fittings. Domestic to be drawn above this level.

  60. Good morning,

    Could you please provide a quote for a residential concrete tank; at this stage, I believe we would require 104,560 litres
    (23,000 gals)
    8.0m, however, I would welcome your suggestion.
    It’s for a rural property just outside of Wangaratta.
    May I also enquire as to whether you install these yourself, or would we need to organise other tradesmen to complete this for us?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  61. looking for quotes on a tank approx 3 metre diameter and 2.5 metre height

  62. Hi all

    We have a customer who is looking for a 5000L Concrete Septic Tank and also a 20,000L holding tank. Both are to be in ground and the site location is Biala NSW. Could you please forward any pricing or information.

    Many Thanks

    Southern Plumbing – Goulburn

  63. Hi
    I’m looking to install a 105kL water tank below ground at a new build in Guerilla Bay. I would like it to be trafficable.

  64. Hello,

    I am interested in setting up a water tank and sewerage tank in the cooma area, will be servicing 2x 4 bedroom homes.
    What size would you suggest?


  65. Hello,

    We reside at Kiah and are looking to install a 105,000 concrete water tank off our large machinery shed. As you will be aware, Kiah was severely affected with the fires and tanks were a big thing, all plastic and all melted.

    Would you please advise what cost and timing is involved in installing a tank of this size and concrete.

    Thank you,
    Sonya Norris

  66. Pricing for 30,000 litre tank delivered to Denmark, W.A?

  67. Hi there, looking at prices for underground tanks for a residential property in Congo, NSW. A tank with approximately 60kl+. Regards James

  68. I received a quote from you years ago for 2 x concrete tanks at Malua Bay. Could you provide me a new price as I’m about to commence rebuilding my bushfire destroyed property. I’m thinking 2 x 105000ltrs / 140000ltrs .I have good access and a prepared site at 1523 George bass drive Malua Bay.

  69. I’d like a quote on a 75,000 litre above-ground concrete tank please. My location is Candelo. Let me know if your quote includes installation. Many thanks, Susan

  70. We are interested in getting a 30,000 litre and a 140,000 litre concrete tank. We are at Wandella. Could you please provide us with a quote? We are hoping to get the smaller one in soon and the larger one in after the bushfire cleanup—maybe October/November 2020.

  71. Hi

    I am interested in a quote for your 60,000L domestic concrete tank. We would like to completely cover the tank and so also need to know the limitations around weight on the tank roof.

    M: 0428422818

  72. HI

    THE 2550 AREA


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  75. I would like a quote for the instillation of a underground 50KL concrete water tank please

  76. This is for a quote on a new house build starting march. Thanks Owen

  77. We have an under-house concrete tank (circa 1992) that we suspect is leaking. Can you please give us a call and indicate what can be done?
    Cheers Bob

  78. Hi Rob,

    Tony Marshall from Milton.just rang you.

    142A Woodburn Morton NSW 2538.

  79. Price on a 60000L tank please Concrete roof

  80. Hey just wanting a price for the standard 15,000 litre tanks

  81. Hi Rob.
    I’ve started looking into more water storage.
    I’m keen to get an indication of price for 60000 litre concrete tank with metal roof for our place at Tanja. I’ll take care of site prep. Easy access near flat ground.
    Thx Darren Millhouse

  82. Hi Rob,

    I had a chat with Hugh yesterday & passed on your assurance that we would not require a part-fill of water in the tanks prior to the big rains forecast for this weekend.

    Do you have much experience with first flush diverters & could make a recommendation as to automatic vs manual override…?

    I thought you already had my email for the quote you sent earlier, but here it is in case.

    Cheers, Jen

  83. HI there, we require a 30,000 litre poured concretetank to replace our aquaplate tank damaged in the recent fires. We have a level site for the tank. We are keen to have the new tank as soon as possible.

  84. Hi as discussed can you please send me some more info on the 105000 ltr tank.
    Thanks Luke

  85. Hi there, we are needing our old prefab rainwater tank
    (23000 ltr cement tank – partially underground) demolished and replaced.
    A new one can not be brought in as it can no longer be craned in past the house.
    So we are wanting an custom made one to fit inline with the retaining wall.


  86. Hi
    Could I please have a price on the
    25K lts
    30K lts
    60K lts
    tanks in Three Springs Western Australia 6519

  87. Hi
    Could I please have a price on the
    25K lts
    30K lts
    60K lts
    tanks in Three Springs Western Australia 6519

  88. Could I please have a price of a 25, 30 and 60K lts tank in Three Springs Western Australia 6519

  89. Hi look i am just wondering whay would a 22500 liter tank cost with delivery to candelo

  90. please supply quote for 30,000 litre with gal top supplied

    i am return customer , purchased a 20,0000 gal 25 years ago

    site at 86 woodlands lane pambula


  91. we are looking at a semi underground tank at around 150 > 200,000 for a property in Kiah

  92. price for 2 x 30000lt constructed at Upper Brogo. thanks

  93. Please can you call me to get some info on some tanks please.
    Mark Newton

  94. Hi, we are located in Buckajo about 10 minutes from town, and have a 100000L concrete tank due for cleaning of sediment. Could you give me a quote for this job? I would also be interested in options for installing a UV sterilizer. Thank you

  95. Hello,

    could I please get a quote for an in-ground concrete tank for domestic use in Tathra NSW, 110,000L please?

  96. Looking for the cost of a 360kl tank to compare with a steel Rhino tank. Not sure which way to go, would prefer concrete.

  97. Can you please provide a quote and specifications for the supply and install of 3 x options for underground concrete water tanks with riser and manhole to be delivered to 114 Badimara Street Waramanga, ACT. Building a new house at the moment and want to install an underground concrete tank.

    3 options considered are 22,500 ltr, 30,000ltr and 60,000 ltr. We have the room and roof space to accomodate all options just looking at different cost options. Please confirm if all tank options are pre-cast delivered or need to be poured on site.


  98. Hello,
    We are interested in buying a 60,000 litre roofless, above ground concrete rainwater tank at our rural property in Yass NSW.
    Just wondering if you come out this far & if so, how much?

  99. This is an additional tank to the one you have already made for us in 2008. I will dig and prepare the hole

  100. Hi
    After a rough quote on a 158,000 tank.

  101. 60,000 litres

  102. Could you please give me an indication for the cost of a concrete water tank to about 30,000lts. I live in Ulladulla NSW and would like to have a break down of the costs involved and other requirements.

    Kind regards
    John Layton

  103. Hi,
    Hope you are safe during this time.
    We are planning ahead, no matter what the outcome.
    We are in Cuttagee and are looking for a concrete tank as a part of our overall house reno.
    We are after an 80kl tank (approx- suit your standard sizes). Access is good – we’ve recently had a concrete mixer on the spot the tank will be. The tank will be 60% inground, 40% above ground, cut into an embankment. Unlikely to find rock.
    Would you please provide a price and approx timefame (understanding the current situation – this could be a challenge) for the project.
    Cliff and Sue.
    3819 Tathra-Bermagui rd cuttagee.


  105. Hi, can you please provide a quote for the following 2 options that are required in South Durras NSW
    – 2 x 30,000 l tanks
    – 1 x 60,000l tanks
    0414 228802

  106. Hi Bega Tanks

    Could you provide me with a quote for a 105,000 litre tank to be installed on a small acreage in Burra NSW 2620 please.

    Thanks, Steve

  107. Hi, Price on a 105,000L tank that will cover the council rural residential fire regulations, near ARMIDALE NSW 2350?
    Plus estimated time for construction & installation?

  108. Hi I’m looking to get a tank poured on-site about 19 Kim down Eurobodalla road via Bodalla can you please send via email some options including price and specs for pad sizes Around 100,000 l

  109. Hi, I was after a quote for a underground concrete water tank with the 105000 and 140000 litre size. I wanted to lay a concrete driveway over this if that is possible as well. my land is at Tomerong NSW 2540.

  110. Could I get a price on a 5000 gallon concrete tank?

  111. Please supply a quote to construct a 120,000 litre tank.
    Address 133 Mitchell Park Road Cattai.
    Excavation will be done by others. Construction required in March.

  112. Hi,

    We are building a new house in Bemboka NSW, commencing Jan 2020. Our approved plans include a 100K ltr concrete water tank.

    Request your assistance to provide a quotation to construct a 100k ltr concrete water tank on-site. Assume the site has been correctly prepared.

    Doug Wilson

  113. Hi, we are in Millingandi and have two tanks already. 90,000 and 10,000. We would like a quote on a 10,000 concrete tank that we can rely on when/if we have a fire. Can you give me a quote on this please? Thanks, 🙂

  114. Good morning, my name is David and my enquiry is about construction and price for a rectangle tank. Diamensions are 8m long by 6m wide by 1.5 high. I look forward to hearing from you, regards David

  115. Looking to get a quote for a tank for a body corporate. Potentially catching runoff from the stormwater drains. Complex of 76 townhouses and have a large field which it could potentially be put underground.

  116. Tank will be above ground Could i have a quote for the 30,000 litre tank as well?

    thank you

  117. Hello,

    Looking to update & upgrade my domestic water tank system next year. Would be leaning towards 140,000 at this stage. my property is in Tilba.

    Looking for approximate cost before excavation.


  118. Interested in a large capacity (100,000plus) tank
    On upper brogo rd, Waterloo creek

  119. 25,000 litre tank, non load bearing roof, 2 x gate valve outlets at 90 deg, poured on site at Nethercote (2549) Site prepared to your spec before inspection for commencement.

  120. Dural Sydney
    Thinking between 100,000 to 150,000 litres.
    Underground .We are on 2ha site.
    Happy to hear from you if you want to ring me.

  121. Hi, i require a quote for a new concrete water tank. 30,000L we think, are we able to get someone out to have a look?

  122. Hello
    Looking at a 25,000 litre concrete tank without a lid to use as a plunge pool. Would your tanks be suitable with some modifications? Thank you

  123. Hi, I’m after a quote for a domestic above ground rain 25000 water tank please. The date is yet to be decided

  124. Hi Robert, Thanks for returning my phone call the other day. We where talking about a lid needed for an existing tank, up at tourist rd, berry mountain. You said that you could send over a diagram on how you guys attack them in sheet roofing. Fixing points. Thanks for your help. kind regards Dave

  125. re delivery newcastlequire 1/ 10000 litre rain concrete water tank

  126. Could you please give me a quote on supply and install of a 60000 Litre domestic water tank for our new home we are building at Tallong NSW 2579
    We’d require it within the next 3 – 6 months
    kind regards
    Phil Wales

  127. Looking for a 60,000L tank or potentially a bigger tank if it can be driven on. Can you call me to discuss.

    Many thanks,


  128. Hi after price for a concrete water tank at Highvale approx 140,000litre

  129. Please quote 2no 6200ltr in ground water tanks.
    Site address Morningside Brisbane 4170.

  130. Hi there, I’m interested to know what the approximate cost would be for the 105,000 L tank to be installed at a property approximately 10km from Braidwood, NSW. Access is not a problem. Tank would be either fully buried or partially buried so if there is a big price differential could you include that as well. Thanks

  131. Hi there guys just looking for a quote on a few larger tank sizes.
    Cheers Jake

  132. Hi, do you install underground tanks in Darwin?

  133. Hello
    I would like a quote for a 10.000 litres tank delivered to Bemboka.

  134. needs a precast detention tank say 2 long 1.5 wide 2 deep
    My mobile is 0411 690699
    call me

  135. We were after a quote for a 23000gallon concrete tank poured onsite 25km west of Young NSW. There currently is a tank there that was built 25 years ago and is now leaking quite badly so we were after an idea of what it would cost to replace.
    Thank you
    Vicki Burstal

  136. I am the secretary of the Donnybrook Water Scheme Syndicate Inc. We 2 X 12,000 gallon tank above ground (30 years old cracking & weeping), are considering replacement. these were delivered to site tanks. Location Clare Valley SA.

  137. I regards to our recent phone conversation
    I plan to put in 2 concrete tanks ? 140,00 litres
    One below the house in the ground and bank to take the house site water which is not collected at present and there is a 150 mm discharge pipe over the edge of the bank
    The other is another 140,000 tank to replace the leaking bore water tank up on the flat at the top of the hill next to the drinking water tanks
    Hugh Lawrence

  138. Hi, we are looking to install a circa 120,000 Litre below ground concrete water tank at our property at 30 Tallowa Dam Road, Kangaroo Valley 2577.

    Our local contractor can excavate/site prep.

    Can you please provide a quote for the supply and delivery of your 105,000 and 140,000 tanks?



    We have a property 11 acres at 663b Little Forest Road Milton NSW.
    We have 4 + people in residence and we have a 14000L water tank. We have a large style house to capture run off and would like to increase our storage capacity for fresh water.
    We would like to either daisy chain tanks together or get one larger tank. Our challenge is the property has alot of rock so excavation could be a problem. Therefore sitting tanks on the surface is a possibility and grow trees around the tanks. We are also in a very high wind area and therefore we need concrete tanks.
    Please quote the following tanks with preparation of base separately and any other associated costs for Tank sizes:
    30,0000, 60, 105, 140, 158 and 1880000
    Many thanks

  140. I would like a quote on your 250,000 & 310,00 litre water tanks to be installed at Cessnock NSW 2325.

  141. Hello, I would like a quote for 60,000L and 105,000L tank for installation at 282 lieutenant bowen drive, bowen mountain.

    Thank you. There is already a 30,000L tank onsite. So perhaps only 60,000 would be needed.

  142. I’d like a quote on a concrete water tank for a 3 bedroom house (roof size approx 100 square metres) in Mount Fairy NSW. Expecting around 75,000 – 100,000 litres required, or 2 x 50,000 litre tanks

  143. Hi, We were wanting a quote for a concrete tank. Standard above ground tank. At least 100,000 litres. Could you please advise a cost. Thank you

  144. 45k litre Rainwater Tanks

    Address: 36 Bateke St. Tamborine Mountai

  145. Location: Discuss
    Tank Size : 104k liters
    Residential Concrete Tanks. We have 2 lots i need quotes for

    Address 1245 Bells Line of Road

  146. Looking for an underground tank on 5 acre property to collect roof stormwater for use in new house build

  147. we are located at 464 Cundinup south Road Nannup. we need a concrete tank 20000 gallon size with lid on. could we have a quote please for time frame, duration of build and cost complete?

  148. Hi, could you please give me a preliminary quote on ;
    1. 1x 25000 litre tank
    2. 2x 25000 litre tank
    3. 1x 30000 litre tank
    4. 2x 30000 litre tank
    At this stage dont include site costs. Tanks will either be partially buried or completely above ground. Lids only need to be pedestian rated. Site is at chandler 4155

    I am presesntly interstate with poor mobile reception so emails would be appreciated until I return home on the 29/08/19.

  149. 140,000 ltr domestic in ground concrete water Tank in the Canberra region

  150. I’m looking for a quote for a 100,000l tank to a rural property in Tanja for domestic water supply.

  151. Hi,
    Looking for a 10-15,000L tank for a resi build in Sydney (Kellyville)
    What are are your tank costs inc delivery and do you install ?
    Its a vacant block of land…

  152. Hi we live on 3 acres in bega and would like someone to come and see if we could have a built in tank and what quanity please.

  153. Gday,
    Please provide a quote for a small concrete tank to be installed at Tarraganda, on level ground with good access.
    We are interested in a 15,000L or a 25,000L above ground tank to collect off our shed.
    Thank you

  154. Hi,
    You guys patched my tank a few weeks ago which slowed it up

    I have run out of water and was wondering if I can get it sealed properly whilst it is empty this is only the second time in 18 years

    Do you guys provide a cleaning service or would I get that done first
    I can hook up temp supply from next door if I need to

    I will call in the morning

  155. Please contact me regarding having a tank poured for the use of a dunk pool.

    Thank you,

  156. Hi i am wanting a quote for a 140,000 litre underground concrete tank please. We are on Oallen Ford Road out near windellama.

  157. I’m looking for two tanks (65,000 and 40,000) to be installed at Saratoga on the NSW Central Coast.

  158. Interested in a concrete water tank of approx. 20,000 – 30,000. I live at Budgong, 18klms out of Nowra near Kangaroo Valley. Access to property and tank site is good. Could you provided estimate of likely cost for tank in this range. Thanks.

  159. Please allow for tank to be underground with a concrete roof. Roof will then be back filled with 200mm gravel.

  160. Good morning, I am involved in a project on a rural property that involves the construction on 3 x 500,000ltr underground tanks. Please contact me on 0421911823 to discuss.
    Thank you.

  161. Hi, could you please give me an idea of cost for 140,000L tank installed above ground on pre-prepared level site in South Durras

  162. Hi there,

    Could you please advise if you are able to provide construction of a approximately 80,000ltr concrete underground water tank to be constructed in Barfold, VIC 3444.

    The lid will be covered by 300mm of soil and needs to be trafficable for light-weight equipment (ride-on mower) but not for cars or other heavy-duty equipment.

    Any questions, please e-mail


    Best regards,

  163. your team looked at the leaks in my tank a few weeks ago.

    just wondering when you can turn up as the problem is worse than ever now.

    my number is available all times.

  164. I just bought a property at Royalla. Looking to put in a 105,000 or 140,000 litre. Looking for price of standard and 3Kpa please. I work shift work so if you can please email that would be better.

  165. Hey Guys, We’re about to embark on a new home build at Cedar Creek, 4520 and would like to include a concrete water tank around the 90kl mark…

    Could you provide some indicative pricing and availability for construction of a water tank of this size please?

  166. Hi
    Can you please supply a quote for both a 50,000 and 90,000 litre underground concrete water tank, we are deciding on which size to choose.

    Can you please advise what
    Is included and what isn’t.

    We are located at Robertson NSW 2577

    Many thanks

  167. I am working with rob bland on project in Bendalong but would like some advice on tanks for another project. Specifically around construction systems and costs for inground versus above ground to house large quantities of non corrosive liquid, molasses and processed spent waste on sites in sydney and newcastle.
    is this something you could help with?

  168. Can i please get a updated quote on both a 60,000 and 105,000 concrete tanks at Googong.

  169. I need 3 onsite poured concrete water tanks each of about 50,000 liters. (total of about 150,000 liters)
    The tanks will be located at the rear of the house and back-filled and surrounded by earth/dirt. The house is covered by earth on 3 sides. The tank sites will be excavated and prepared along with the house slab preparations and poured after the walls are up.

  170. Hi, I’m interested in whether we can convert one of your tanks into a plunge pool. This would involve cutting holes for skimmer box, spa jets, overflow, and solar heating out/inlets. Do you think this is possible? Size would be ~2500w by 2000h

  171. For rain water harvesting and drinking

  172. A tank that will hold around 110000L and maby buried about 1 meter up the side will be used for rain water for drinking

  173. Hi, Just after a quote on at tank please. 🙂

  174. Hi
    We have a property at Reedy Swamp at Bega, we will be moving down to live soon and we need a new tank to provide more water from our shed to feed our house we are looking at 140,00-lts concrete tank. Can you please contact me to arrange quote please.

  175. I am not ready for a tank yet but can you email me price of 15,000 litre,. The site is just out of Moruya sincerely thanks

  176. Hi, you guys poured a 100,000L tank for me about 20 years ago at 128 clyde rd Batemans Bay.

    It has developed 3 leaks over the past few years and is now getting quite bad with water wetting ground for 20m down the hill

    I have tried to stop it and once got close with that crystal fix stuff but now it’s worse than ever

    Are you able to repair the leaks without draining the tank?
    This is becoming a real problem so any advise would be good thx .

  177. Hi
    Just casing a quotation on a 5000 gallon concrete water tank please including delivery to Armidale NSW 2350

  178. Dear sir/madam,

    Good day. I will like to know if your company can supply me with; 5,000 Litre Round Poly Water Tank in colour Black.

    If yes, kindly advise on the availability and pricing information inc GST each.

  179. I’m pricing a 140000 litre tank for our house in Merimbula. We would need the site levelled as well as situating the tank. thanks

  180. Looking for a 65000L or 100000L water tank to be installed on my property.

  181. Hi
    Looking at constructing a water tank under a garage slab over 100000Lt
    Garage is 11.4m x 8m

  182. I was wondering if i could get a price for a few concrete tank options, to be poured within the next 2 months?
    I’d just like to know whats the most cost affective way if i was to go a little larger. Happy for just a reply on email, no need for a formal quote as yet.
    Price for 1×100,000
    Price for 1×120,000
    Price for 2×100,000 poured together.
    Top just for foot traffic only.
    Little Hartley nsw

  183. Can you please send me the price list for all of your tanks over 100,000 lts in size?

  184. Hi
    We are quoting a public restroom for ACT parks and conservation. they have requested a 10,000L septic tank as part of the scope. Can you price to supply and install? If not supply and delivery will be fine

  185. Hi,
    I need concrete water tank for 40KL for bushfire purposes. can be one tank or several.
    whats the biggest size you can deliver and not build on site?
    Is it cheaper to get 2x 20kL delivered rater than a 40KL built on site?
    delivery fee to putty 2330 NSW? possible to deliver to putty?

    thanks in advance for the quote.

  186. Do you sell troughs? I am looking for a trough about 3m x 3m (about 30cm deep).

  187. prices on a 60000 and 105000 lts
    adress ; leongatha north 3953

  188. Good Afternoon,
    As mentioned on the phone today, we have requirements to install a 14m diameter Bega Tank with a 370kl Active Storage volume. The location is the Gordon Barnard Reserve, Balwin North, VIC, 3104. As discussed, if you could send me the timelapse video of the similar tank you have just completed that would be very helpful. I can then send you all relevant drawings and anything else you need to provide a quotation for the works.

  189. Can I get a quote on a 22500L concrete water tank please. It is to be underground, under a residential driveway. Delivered to Eastern Heights Ipswich 4305. Will have a mobile crane onsite to put it in position.