1. your team looked at the leaks in my tank a few weeks ago.

    just wondering when you can turn up as the problem is worse than ever now.

    my number is available all times.

  2. I just bought a property at Royalla. Looking to put in a 105,000 or 140,000 litre. Looking for price of standard and 3Kpa please. I work shift work so if you can please email that would be better.

  3. Hey Guys, We’re about to embark on a new home build at Cedar Creek, 4520 and would like to include a concrete water tank around the 90kl mark…

    Could you provide some indicative pricing and availability for construction of a water tank of this size please?

  4. Hi
    Can you please supply a quote for both a 50,000 and 90,000 litre underground concrete water tank, we are deciding on which size to choose.

    Can you please advise what
    Is included and what isn’t.

    We are located at Robertson NSW 2577

    Many thanks

  5. I am working with rob bland on project in Bendalong but would like some advice on tanks for another project. Specifically around construction systems and costs for inground versus above ground to house large quantities of non corrosive liquid, molasses and processed spent waste on sites in sydney and newcastle.
    is this something you could help with?

  6. Can i please get a updated quote on both a 60,000 and 105,000 concrete tanks at Googong.

  7. I need 3 onsite poured concrete water tanks each of about 50,000 liters. (total of about 150,000 liters)
    The tanks will be located at the rear of the house and back-filled and surrounded by earth/dirt. The house is covered by earth on 3 sides. The tank sites will be excavated and prepared along with the house slab preparations and poured after the walls are up.

  8. Hi, I’m interested in whether we can convert one of your tanks into a plunge pool. This would involve cutting holes for skimmer box, spa jets, overflow, and solar heating out/inlets. Do you think this is possible? Size would be ~2500w by 2000h

  9. For rain water harvesting and drinking

  10. A tank that will hold around 110000L and maby buried about 1 meter up the side will be used for rain water for drinking

  11. Hi, Just after a quote on at tank please. 🙂

  12. Hi
    We have a property at Reedy Swamp at Bega, we will be moving down to live soon and we need a new tank to provide more water from our shed to feed our house we are looking at 140,00-lts concrete tank. Can you please contact me to arrange quote please.

  13. I am not ready for a tank yet but can you email me price of 15,000 litre,. The site is just out of Moruya sincerely thanks

  14. Hi, you guys poured a 100,000L tank for me about 20 years ago at 128 clyde rd Batemans Bay.

    It has developed 3 leaks over the past few years and is now getting quite bad with water wetting ground for 20m down the hill

    I have tried to stop it and once got close with that crystal fix stuff but now it’s worse than ever

    Are you able to repair the leaks without draining the tank?
    This is becoming a real problem so any advise would be good thx .

  15. Hi
    Just casing a quotation on a 5000 gallon concrete water tank please including delivery to Armidale NSW 2350

  16. Dear sir/madam,

    Good day. I will like to know if your company can supply me with; 5,000 Litre Round Poly Water Tank in colour Black.

    If yes, kindly advise on the availability and pricing information inc GST each.

  17. I’m pricing a 140000 litre tank for our house in Merimbula. We would need the site levelled as well as situating the tank. thanks

  18. Looking for a 65000L or 100000L water tank to be installed on my property.

  19. Hi
    Looking at constructing a water tank under a garage slab over 100000Lt
    Garage is 11.4m x 8m

  20. I was wondering if i could get a price for a few concrete tank options, to be poured within the next 2 months?
    I’d just like to know whats the most cost affective way if i was to go a little larger. Happy for just a reply on email, no need for a formal quote as yet.
    Price for 1×100,000
    Price for 1×120,000
    Price for 2×100,000 poured together.
    Top just for foot traffic only.
    Little Hartley nsw

  21. Can you please send me the price list for all of your tanks over 100,000 lts in size?

  22. Hi
    We are quoting a public restroom for ACT parks and conservation. they have requested a 10,000L septic tank as part of the scope. Can you price to supply and install? If not supply and delivery will be fine

  23. Hi,
    I need concrete water tank for 40KL for bushfire purposes. can be one tank or several.
    whats the biggest size you can deliver and not build on site?
    Is it cheaper to get 2x 20kL delivered rater than a 40KL built on site?
    delivery fee to putty 2330 NSW? possible to deliver to putty?

    thanks in advance for the quote.

  24. Do you sell troughs? I am looking for a trough about 3m x 3m (about 30cm deep).

  25. prices on a 60000 and 105000 lts
    adress ; leongatha north 3953

  26. Good Afternoon,
    As mentioned on the phone today, we have requirements to install a 14m diameter Bega Tank with a 370kl Active Storage volume. The location is the Gordon Barnard Reserve, Balwin North, VIC, 3104. As discussed, if you could send me the timelapse video of the similar tank you have just completed that would be very helpful. I can then send you all relevant drawings and anything else you need to provide a quotation for the works.

  27. Can I get a quote on a 22500L concrete water tank please. It is to be underground, under a residential driveway. Delivered to Eastern Heights Ipswich 4305. Will have a mobile crane onsite to put it in position.