Important Factors To Consider When Installing A Concrete Water Tank For Your Home


Water storage tanks can serve various uses for households, with one of their primary functions being to store clean and potable water. However, nowadays, there are several water tanks available in the market, so you may be confused about which one you should get. If you plan to install a Concrete Tank in your home, you can consider these factors provided by Bega Tanks to guide you in your decision.

Size and Shape of The Concrete Water Tank

Concrete water tanks come in various sizes, so the most ideal size will depend on how much space you have and how much water you need to be stored. One way to determine this is to measure your average daily water consumption and estimate how many days you expect the water in the tank to last.

Tanks can also come in different shapes, typically circular, rectangular, square, or custom variations. There is generally no rule in choosing the right kind, but one factor you can consider, apart from your water storage needs, is aesthetics. Try to select a tank that can hold as much water needed while improving how your property looks.

Installation Method

Another thing to consider is how to install your water tank. Naturally, you will need to have enough space to fit your home. If you want to get a large tank to store more water but do not have adequate space for it, you can opt to install an Underground Concrete Water Tank instead. Otherwise, an above ground tank will work perfectly if you have enough land available.

Water Source for the Concrete Tank

When collecting water for your Concrete Tank, you typically have different sources like groundwater, river water, dam water, and rainwater. If you will be getting water from rainwater or dam water, for instance, it will be essential to have a filtration system to purify the water and get rid of the contaminants. Your selected water source will also affect where you place your tank, which will affect other decision factors like size, installation, and space considerations.


If you are leasing or renting your house, it will be a good idea to get a portable water tank. This way, you can still bring it with you even if you relocate or move to another place. If you are interested in this, you can get a ready-to-install precast water tank delivered to your home, and the installation should take no time. Whenever you need to move it around, you should be able to do so freely.

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