Concrete Water Tanks Wollongong NSW

If you are tired of expensive water storage solutions in Wollongong or affordable concrete water tanks that are very poor in quality, then you have come to the right place! Bega Concrete Tanks is the perfect water storage solutions company for any individual looking for long lasting water storage solutions on a budget.

Bega Commercial & Domestic Concrete Water Tanks

We have been out in the suburbs of this industry for quite a while now – 30 years to be precise. These many years of providing water storage solutions to our customers has blessed us with the skill and experience necessary to keep the waters secure in your premises in various environmental conditions.

What makes us one of the leading Water Storage Solutions Company in all of Australia is not however, just our skill. Our cost efficient services and our punctuality count a lot too. We make sure that we do not waste any of your precious time and complete the project at hand as quickly as we can with no compromises on the quality of our work. Our friendly and approachable teams help the customers be at ease when discussing their requirements and hence, we prefer to promote a healthy and friendly work environment.

What we can offer you?

Bega Concrete Tanks offers their customers a wide range of top quality services. We always construct our concrete storage tanks using robust engineered designed steel structured formwork that is mechanically bolted on site providing accurate and very strong shutters ensuring a quality built concrete tank every time.

If you want to avail our domestic concrete water tank services, then all you really have to do is decide the size you want installed and we will get to work immediately. In order to determine which size of the rainwater tank will be most suitable for your needs, study the average rainfall in your area and determine the estimated water usage at your place. You should also take into account the available roof collection area, creek or bore supply.

We also have incredible commercial concrete tank services!

Our exceptional work of providing water retention tanks, stormwater tanks, and detention tanks to many local and state governments has made us stand out from the regular water storage solution companies. We provide our customers with top quality concrete water tanks that are bound to last for a long long time.

In fact, our concrete tanks have a design life of over 50 years and are guaranteed for 25 years! It gets better, we have recently completed a project in just 90 days for the ACT government and this project involved the installation of 36 Concrete Water Storage Tanks!

You can always choose to customise your concrete tanks according to your needs or opt to get free consultation from our consultant for deciding the most suitable size of water tanks for your premises. We are also capable of installing the tanks in just the way you wish. If you wish the tank to be completely invisible when installed, we can make it happen for you! You
can also choose the tanks to come with an optional load bearing roof that can act as a floor to your garage or as a gazebo floor to your yard. Your choice entirely!

You can avail our services today by just giving us a call on 1800 241 246 or dropping us an email about any inquiries that you may have on