Concrete Water Tanks Wagga Wagga NSW

Bega Concrete Tanks can help you find the perfect water storage solutions in Wagga Wagga. We understand and are well aware of how hard it can be to find a company here in
Wagga Wagga, which would be able to provide you with good quality Domestic or Commercial concrete water tanks
within your budget.

We also know how any of the Concrete Tanks available within your budget in the market are poor in quality and not very long lasting, which is probably why you are looking for a new water storage solutions company to suit your needs right now. Well, your search ends today because Bega Concrete Tanks is just the right company for you and here’s why!

More About Bega Tanks

We are a company that has no parallel when it comes down to quality. We are capable of providing all our customers with water storage solutions with longer lifespans. We are an experienced and skilful group of professionals with over 30 years of experience in water and storage projects.

Even though we started out a long time ago, our equipment and skills are up to date and highly efficient. We are a company that takes punctuality very seriously and we have, thus, made customer satisfaction our top priority. All of this has made us one of the leading concrete storage solutions company in all of Australia! We provide all kinds of services!

Domestic Concrete Water Tanks

Our residential services are one of a kind! We use mobile construction crews and our friendly services will put you at ease so that you can discuss your requirements openly and comfortably. Normally, you are required to take into consideration the average rainfall in your area, the estimated water usage and the available roof collection area before deciding the size of your Rainwater Tanks. However, if you are new to this and find all the measurements and decisions intimidating, you can always ask our consultant for free advice.

Since concrete becomes stronger with age, you can expect your water tanks to last for a long time without any worries. Our tanks generally have a design life of over 50 years and are available with 25 guaranteed years. Moreover, our people will make sure that they tend to any joins, seams or weak areas before they start working on the project.

Commercial Concrete Tanks

You can now have the biggest of your water storage projects in Wagga Wagga completed in the shortest time period with no compromises on quality with the help of Bega Concrete Tanks. With tank diameters ranging from 3.3 metres to 20 metres and volumes up to 2.5 megalitres, you can have the concrete storage tanks customised to your liking.

We are a reputable company and have provided water retention tanks, stormwater tanks, and detention tanks to many local and state governments. We are also proud to bring to your attention that we have had the honour of providing and installing 36 water tanks in merely 90 days for the ACT government.

It is our very trustworthy, punctual, efficient and cost friendly reality that gives us the opportunity to make so many of our customers happy every day.

Give us a call today on 1800 241 246 for the perfect water storage solution in Wagga Wagga or drop us an email for enquiries at