Concrete Water Tanks Bungonia

Buy A Quality Concrete Water Tank At A Very Affordable Price in Bungonia, NSW

Water tank mishaps can be quite disastrous and cause a lot of damage to you and your property. Hence, it is essential to have a safe and robust concrete water tank that is reliable and free from leaks and cracks. If you’re worried about the expenses that you can’t afford, worry no more. We are an affordable Concrete Water Supplier in Bungonia.

Is your current water tank no longer functional? Or, you need rainwater concrete tanks but are unsure about which company to trust for top quality tanks? Now you can drop your worries about all that as Bega Concrete Tanks Bungonia is the answer to all your water storage and affordability issues.

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Why Choose Bega Tanks for Commercial and Residential Concrete Tanks?

Bega Concrete Tanks is one of the most trustworthy names in Concrete Water Suppliers in Bungonia. We offer quality water tanks at highly affordable rates. Here are a few reasons to choose Bega Concrete Tanks:

  • Our tanks are designed to have a life of over 50 years, along with a warranty period of 25 years. The long lifespan is because of the concrete, which tends to grow stronger as time passes.
  • Guaranteed durability; hence Bega’s Residential or Commercial Concrete Tanks stand stronger and longer than the other concrete tank installations. Blocks out all signs of odours, algae and even off-tasting water
  • A professional, diligent and hardworking team of professionals. We work tirelessly to provide the best customer service in town. We are associated with some leading industry names like Lang O’Rourke, Multiplex, Lendlease, Cockram and Richard Crookes.
  • We have the skill and expertise to supply and install water retention tanks, detention tanks, and stormwater tanks to many local and state governments.

What Makes Our Concrete Tanks The Best In The Market?

Bega’s vast range of budget-friendly concrete tanks is bound to appeal to everyone. We have set out to ensure that the high quality of our tanks is what makes us stand out from the generic market.

With our Commercial Concrete Tanks, we can ensure that all our customers have zero water storage issues. Be it for above or underground water, stormwater harvesting or sewer systems, we take care of it all. We always guarantee that all the projects we start working on will be completed within the given deadlines because we understand the value of your precious time.
Also, it does not matter whether the area you want us to work on is eco-sensitive or not. Our broad professional experience in this industry has made us skilled enough to work efficiently in any environment without compromising on the calibre of work.

Our water tanks have a diameter that varies from 3.3 metres to 20 metres. Volumes of the same go up to 2 megalitres with design certified loadings to 90 kPa.

Our Residential Concrete Tanks are rather famous for their reliability and lengthy lifespan. You can have your concrete rainwater tanks customised to be completely undetectable when installed on your premises or come with an additional load-bearing roof feature that can efficiently act as the floor to your garage or yard.

Our team will also inspect for any seams, weak points or joins and will be eliminated before they start working on the project.

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