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Bega Tanks are a long-term and affordable water storage solution for everyone out there. We are a Concrete Water Tank Supplier in Boorowa known for our quality products. Whether you need a residential or commercial concrete tank, get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and come up with the ideal solution for you.

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As A Reputable Concrete Tank Supplier in Boorowa, What Can You Expect from Us?

Now, this is a pertinent question that prospects would want to know. So, let us begin with what makes us a credible and trustworthy option for Concrete Water Tanks? We build our tanks with the utmost care and consideration, keeping in mind the rules and regulations laid out in the Australian Standards AS 3600 and AS 3735.

The former caters to the structuring aspect and the latter about retaining liquids. It is the compliance with these two Australian Standards (AS) that make our tanks reliable. Now, compliance is one thing, and longevity is another.

To ensure that our customers get quality products from us, we at Bega Tanks also offer robust steel formwork systems and load-bearing concrete roofs. When it comes to residential concrete tanks, you can choose between standard and custom designs.

What Are The Different Types of Concrete Tanks That Bega Tanks Offer?

Commercial Concrete Tanks are mammoth constructions, and they are versatile. Whether you desire a circular, rectangular or any other shape, they are robust and durable. These tanks have a diameter ranging between 3.3 metres to 20 metres and can support volumes up to 2.5 megalitres using design certified loadings.

Bega Tanks offers both above-ground and underground tanks. Additionally, as a Concrete Water Tank Supplier in Boorowa, we offer solutions for rainwater, stormwater harvesting and sewer systems. We have designed water retention tanks, stormwater tanks and detention tanks for the local and state governments. A lot of these were in eco-sensitive areas.

Some of Our Noteworthy Projects

Darwin Hospital
The project at Darwin Hospital was completed in 2017 in about six weeks. We constructed six Water Storage Tanks, each having a capacity of 1.5 Megalitres and a diameter of 12.5 metres. The tanks were constructed concurrently.

Merimbula Airport

This Merimbula Airport project entailed the construction of two Firefighting Water Storage Concrete Tanks. The engineering specifications comprised each tank having a diameter of 12.4 metres and height of 4 metres, along with a storage capacity of 800,000 litres.

North Pine Brisbane

The project at Brisbane entailed designing and constructing a water treatment plant. The voluminous tank had a diameter of 12 metres with an anti-floatation beam. The storage capacity was 320,000 litres.

Shrine of Remembrance

Located at St. Milda, Melbourne, the Shrine of Remembrance is a national memorial. It was constructed to honour and pay tribute to the services and sacrifices of the Australian countrymen during the First World War that ran between 1914 and 1918. The project was to keep the honour in mind and construct a Concrete Water Tank with a 4-metre height and 12.4-metre diameter, with a total holding capacity of 1 Megalitre.

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Our Concrete Water Tanks are designed and engineered to last you anywhere between 50 to 100 years with little maintenance. If an eco-friendly, durable water tank at an affordable price point is what you’re after, then give us a call today on 1800 241 246