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Araluen is a charming little town located in the NSW’s Southern Tablelands. Residents and businesses in the area require a steady water supply for daily use. To ensure that the town has ample water supply, finding a reliable Concrete Water Tank Supplier in Araluen is the best solution.

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Concrete Water Tanks in Araluen for Residential & Commercial Properties

There are lots of perks that you can get from commercial and residential concrete tanks. Our Commercial Concrete Tanks are best for businesses that need a steady water supply, especially Araluen’s builders, restaurants, and accommodations.

Meanwhile, our Residential Concrete Tanks are capable of storing water during the summer months. It can be used as a reliable storage solution for all types of water, including rainwater, greywater, wastewater, or potable drinking water.

Why Choose Bega Tanks?

Bega Tanks aims to provide the Best Water Storage Solutions in the most dependable and budget-friendly way possible. We can ensure that you get the highest quality of concrete water tanks with the lowest rates in the area.

Our expert site teams and accredited engineered systems can provide customised storage tanks based on your needs. Each tank comes with walls and a base that is built as a single structural element. It provides a strong, watertight, integral reinforced concrete water tank.

With our 30 years of experience and expertise, we are proud to say that we are a respectable Concrete Water Tank Supplier in Araluen. Our staff offers commendable customer service, reasonable rates, long-term water storage solutions, and the most skilled workforce.

All our tanks are designed to last for 50 years, but we can also provide concrete water tanks that you can use for 80 to 100 years.

Plenty of Customisable Water Tanks To Choose From

We can offer different kinds of concrete water tanks based on your specific requirements. For Commercial Concrete Tanks, we can give you the strongest and most durable ones in the market. Since the tanks are made from concrete, they can repel all types of algae and foul odours. It also helps the water avoid getting an unpleasant taste.

Meanwhile, our Residential Concrete Tanks are also customisable based on your household’s needs. For example, you can ask our team to install the tank above ground, underground, or even partially submerged. Other options include discreet installation or request us to add a load-bearing roof that can serve as your garage’s floor during the installation.

Take Advantage of Regulated Water Temperature with Our Underground Concrete Water Storage Tanks

If you want a consistent water temperature throughout the year, you may call Bega Tanks to request an Underground Concrete Water Tank. By building the tank at least four feet below the ground, you can ensure that the stored water will maintain a cool temperature.

The area around the tank serves as the insulation that protects it from extreme cold or hot temperatures. In addition, since concrete is always cool to the touch, it serves as natural refrigeration for all types of liquid stored inside the tank. So rest assured, you can enjoy the same temperature of water even if the seasons change.

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